medium to large, symmetrical points with rounded shoulders and a constricted stem that tapers toward a narrow, rounded base;  non-parallel sides of the stem taper to a base that is the narrowest part of the stem and is always convex and sometimes nearly pointed
Size Range: 4.7 cm - 8.5 cm, average length is approximately 5.2 cm
Cultural Affiliation:
Late Archaic
Distribution: particularly on the islands of the lower Susquehanna River and southeastern Pennsylvania;  sporadic occurrences in southern and eastern New York, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

Ritchie, William A. (1971).  A Typology and Nomenclature for New York Projectile Points.  Bulletin
    Number 384.  New York State Museum Division of Research and Collections.  The University of
    the State of New York.  The State Education Department.

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