broad, thick, corner-notched points of medium size;  blade edges slightly excurvate;  prominent barbs and expanded base, usually ground smooth
Size Range: 2.3 cm - 7.9 cm, predominantly in the 3.2 cm - 5.7 cm range
Cultural Affiliation:
Archaic Brewerton Complex, related to the Vosburg type from the same period in Eastern New York   
Distribution: predominantly a central and western New York type, present in eastern New York with sporadic appearances in New Jersey; also found in the upper Ohio Valley

Ritchie, William A. (1971).  A Typology and Nomenclature for New York Projectile Points.  Bulletin
    Number 384.  New York State Museum Division of Research and Collections.  The University of
    the State of New York.  The State Education Department.

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