Jim Fisher’s Artifact Collecting

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At left, the dam at Mt. Morris near the north end of the park.  Above a view of the gorge at day’s end.

Chris Miller (OH) and some of his fine work in Archaic style.

Two frames of excellent points and blades by Joe Price (TN).

Doug Kreis with his extensive display

Dan Long looking over some of John Cappellini’s offerings.

Jeff Tottenham (CT) and a great display of his primitive tool making skills. (3 images at right)

Ken Wallace (at right) always finds time to assist novices.  One of the knapping circles on Saturday.

Fur Trade Encampment participant.

Beautiful tomahawks by Jack Vargo (NY) of Beaver River Trading Company

The atlatl range was busy as usual.  At left is Scott VanArsdale.  Center is Gary Fogelman.  Steve Timmermans (at right) from Ontario, Canada  tries his skill with the atlatl.

Pictured above is one of Earl Bird’s (FL) beautifully crafted knives.

More of Earl Bird’s artistry in stone and ceramics.

A view of some of the vendors as they opened for business on Sunday morning.

Sunday’s Awards Ceremony—Dana Klein and Ken Wallace presenting  one of a number of awards for various flintknapping categories.