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The Stone Tool Craftsman Show

Letchworth State Park- Castile, New York  August 24-26

    This spectacular event just seems to get bigger and better every year.  Craftsmen  and vendors from across the country and Canada were in attendance for the knapping superbowl of the Northeast.  The rain stayed away for the most part and large crowds enjoyed some of Upstate New York's finest summer weather as they admired the various forms of primitive art that were on display.
    Its always hard to capture the essence of the event in just a few photos, particularly when your engrossed in knapping and/or socializing with friends.  Below you will find just a small sampling of the many activities, individuals, and modern stone tools that were to be seen at this knap-in.  It was great to find so many knappers from both The Tarp and The Knap-In (online knapping communities) in attendance.
    Many thanks are due to the Genesee Valley Flintknappers Association and the principal organizers for sponsoring this year's event.  Ken Wallace, Dana and Kay Klein, Tom Pedlow, Bob Marble, Randy Carpenter and many others are to be commended for their tireless efforts to make this show such a resounding success. 
    If you have an interest in primitive technology and have not yet attended the Stone Tool Craftsman show you won't be disappointed if you make plans to visit next year.  You'll be sure to see the work of some of the finest stone tool craftsmen in North America amongst the natural splendor of Letchworth State Park, the "Grand Canyon of the East".

(click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view)

A majestic view of the gorge at the park

Roy Miller and Steve Nissly chipping on Friday afternoon

A fabulous display of  some of Roy's fine work

A view of the ever-growing Fur Trade Era encampment

Robbie Robinson

A great frame of Robbie's trademark Pinetree points

Gary Fogelman, Craig Ratzat, Gene Stapleton, and Ken Wallace amongst others in the knapping tent on Saturday

Mark Bracken eyes the target as he prepares to launch a dart with an atlatl

Carl Smith with a nice Coshocton Dovetail he had just finished

The Creekside Artifacts display including some of my modern reproductions and this year' s authentic artifact finds from NY

Ed Moreland admires a beautiful piece of Mookite from Australia

An impressive array of lithic knives with unique handles created by Earl Bird of Florida.

At center is Dan Theus, he is flanked on both sides by two cases of his very fine points made from absolutely stunning materials.

Linda Fischer holds the flashlight while Mike Santiago continues to knap at 10:30 p.m.!

Dan Long and Rodger Klindt knapping on Sunday, Jack MacCormack and Jim Overcash in the background

A few of Scott VanArsdale's Wasicun Stone Knives

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