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    I've been surface collecting authentic stone tool artifacts since 1975.  Most of my personal finds are from Monroe County in Upstate New York.  As a youngster I was intrigued by the lithic artifacts that I was able to pick up in the plowed fields near my childhood home.  My fascination with lithic tools and New York State's prehistory eventually led me to pursue and earn a B.A. degree in Anthropology with a Specialization in Archaeology from the University at Buffalo (1988).  I frequently return to those very same fields and continue to surface collect authentic artifacts in Western New York. My wife Colleen and son Austin often accompany me on artifact hunting expeditions. They too have been captivated by the thrill of recovering artifacts that have remained untouched by human hands for thousands of years..
    Since 1998 I have been experimenting with stone tool reproduction techniques- flintknapping.  I had been briefly exposed to stone tool reproduction as part of my undergraduate studies in the mid-1980's but became frustrated for lack of a mentor.  After having completed a couple of graduate programs in Education (M.Ed. 1994, CAS 1998)I found myself with some spare time and was fortunate to have made contact with a master knapper who lives nearby.  Dan Long took me under his wing and continues to generously share his knowledge of flintknapping.  I have been satisfied with my progress, thanks to Dan and other local knappers who have been kind enough to offer guidance and encouragement.
     My first-hand experiences as an authentic artifact surface collector and flintknapper have provided a wealth of knowledge that I was unable to obtain during my formal studies. The insight I have gained about reduction sequences, aboriginal methods of stone tool manufacture, the numerous lithic materials from which they are made, and the subtleties of projectile point typology has been immeasurable.
    I am a school administrator by profession but have maintained an intense interest in amateur archaeology.  My avocation is my addiction.  I am an active member of the New York State Archaeological Association-Houghton Chapter
and the Genesee Valley Flintknappers Association.  I also belong to the American Society for Amateur Archaeology and the Genuine Indian Relic Society (GIRS). Writing about my avocation is also something that I enjoy.  In addition to writing a few articles for Indian Artifact Magazine, I served as a Contributing Staff member for ArtiFAQs.org and continue to serve as a Northeast Regional Members Support Contact for the Authentic Artifact Collectors Association (AACA), an organization for which I served on the Board of Directors (2002-2005) and as President (2004-2005).  
    This website has been designed to share some of my authentic artifact finds, my modern knapping creations, and my written contributions to lithic studies, the understanding of prehistoric cultures, and avocational archaeology.  I am a staunch advocate of ethical surface collecting practices and maintain meticulous records of site provenience for all of my authentic personal finds. The authentic artifacts you will see pictured throughout this web site were ALL recovered from the surface of disturbed sites where the original context of the find has been lost. I do not support digging on what may be potentially significant archaeological sites without first consulting professionals. I also consider it a responsibility of the highest ethical regard to ensure that my modern reproductions are clearly identified, permanently marked and presented as such. The authentic and reproduction lithic tools pictured on the following pages are for your viewing pleasure, however NONE ARE FOR SALE. I hope that you find your tour through my online artifact gallery enjoyable.

James V. Fisher B.A., M. Ed., S.E.A.