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Text Box: Atlatl Gallery
Modern Reproductions by Jim Fisher

Above:Black Walnut atlatl with whitetail antler peg, sinew wrapped head, and elongated bar type weight.

Below:Poplar Atlatl with peg of Osage Orange, common river-smoothed pebble for weight, sinew reinforced head, stitched leather wrapped handle with double loop finger grip.

†††† In addition to my other interests in primitive skills, I have recently developed a particular affection for making atlatls.Iíve been throwing darts since the fall of 2005 and find this activity to be a great complement to my passion for all things related to primitive technology.††

Black Walnut atlatl with whitetail antler peg, synthetic sinew wrapped head, double loop finger grip, and modern ground stone weight

Osage Orange atlatl with peg of the same material, wrapped with synthetic sinew, double loop grip.


Left:Indian Knoll Style (Eastern Woodland) Atlatl with Red Osier shaft, crochet-type hook and handle of whitetail antler, the reproduction bannerstone was purchased on Ebay.